• The Domain de Millox is also an opportunity of tasting the Basque and Landes cooking specialties. Discover the Landes country through its local products: foie gras, duck confit, duck breast and many other delicious Landes specialties, each one better than the last…
  • The Basque cooking is cheerful and colored, all in red, looking like rubbed with Espelette chili! Here, we hunt wood pigeons; we fish salmon in the Adour River, river trouts, tuna, sardine and small squids in Saint Jean de Luz.                                                                                       Meals will nicely go along with a full-bodied Irouleguy wine and will end up with a glass of Izarra liquor, after the must-taste sheep’s cheese- served dry or fresh- with black cherry jam and for sure the Basque cake!
  • Bayonne, the capital of chocolate: a must see for all gourmets.

Bayonne in the nineteenth century became the capital of chocolate, as the city itself identifies its peak in 1856, 33 chocolate factories employing 130 chocolate workers. In 1993 the chocolate Academy  and the chocolate Guild were founded to promote chocolate  and Bayonne was called chocolate city. They have created for this purpose, the "Chocolate Day" held each year during the Ascension weekend. On this occasion, the chocolate dipping is done in the streets and the fans are invited to enjoy gourmet appetizers made by the master craftsmen. Guided tours of the city, through streets and quays, retracing the history of chocolate and these Bayonne, first artisans of the kingdom of France to have worked the cocoa bean.