Ecotourism- Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism at Domaine de millox

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For over a year now, we have obtained the “Sustainable Tourism” label set up by Booking, which rewards establishments committed to sustainable and eco-responsible tourism.

Ecotourism at the Millox Estate

Environmental policy

We signed the "Sustainable Tourism" charter which was born in 2010, following a long reflection on our territory, our environment, our practices and our know-how. Click on the logo on the left to learn more!

Environmental policy

When we acquired this property in 2005, with the aim of creating guest rooms, we immediately opted for equipment running on renewable energies:
- solar panels for hot water- reversible heat pumps (heating and air conditioning)- air-to-water heat pumps to heat the pool- R-volt photovoltaic panels (electricity production, heating and indoor air purification).
As well as various measures:- double glazing- a rainwater harvesting system for watering the garden- pool maintenance with a filtration system that limits the use of products- composting of all waste (food and vegetable)- selective sorting of other waste- planting flowering trees and shrubs, with compost, by creating hedges, as well as fruit trees and the creation of a vegetable garden- manual (CAT Le Colombier) or thermal weeding- rational consumption of resources- creation of an entire sewerage network in compliance with SIBVA- recovery of ashes from the chimney and wood stove in the home and distribution in the vegetable garden-  use of a vegetable shredder and distribution of chips in the beds

And now:

We invite our guests to participate in the efforts made by Domaine de Millox and to apply eco-gestures, for the respect of the environment.